L.A.B's band The Herbal Crew delivers an authentic, powerful southern Oregon sound. For almost a decade, fellow 541 native John Turner. (bass guitar) has been putting the thump in our bump. After an impromptu audition with Randall Pratt. (drums) one evening in 2016, L.A.B knew it was a perfect fit.  "I'm truly blessed to work with such talented, diverse, and loyal musicians."      - Lee L.A.B Spivey

It's important to stay true to your roots. See me perform live in my hometown on July 8th!

"So High"  the new hit love song. Hits retail and online stores nationwide Soon! Are y'all ready?

Lee L.A.B Spivey

Inspired by early Hip Hop legends of the '80s and '90s, L.A.B grew up rapping along with his favorite songs off the radio in Metro Detroit. He cultivated His rhythm and vocals in a Southern Oregon Band The Herbal Crew, where he still performs on occasion. Recently Signed to S'laughter Visions Records.

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